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  • Are you starting a social impact project the world needs to hear about?
  • Are you a social business owner looking to boost revenue so you can better serve your mission?
  • Are you a small mental health or rehab practice without an in-house content manager?
  • Do you have a travel business, and need to boost your reach and sales?
  • Are you idea-rich and time-poor?

I can help.

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Good web copy compels your audience to click, share, contact, buy or donate. It can mean the difference between a 10% conversion rate and a 30% conversion rate. It can boost your revenue and give your brand a personality they’ll remember.

If you’ve struggled to write a convincing web page or sales campaign, you’ve probably realized that writing copy that does what you want it to is more time-consuming than you thought, and easier said than done.

That’s where I come in. I have years of experience in writing, digital marketing and working with your niche industry – and I can write kickass copy for you, so you can focus on running your business.

I can create smart, on-brand:

• Web pages

• Landing pages

• Blog posts

• Sales emails

• Fundraising campaigns

• Newsletters

• Video scripts

• Social media copy

• Press releases

• Print ads

I specialize in the following areas:

• Nonprofit & social business copywriting

• Mental health & wellness copywriting

• Travel copywriting

Ready to take your business to the next level with compelling copy?

Blogging & Content Writing

In today’s noisy world of online marketing, blogging is a must. It helps you find new clients, connect with your customers, establish a brand identity and increase your organic web traffic. But, as you probably know, it’s time-consuming as hell.

Don’t go losing sleep over countless hours cranking out long-form content just yet – I can help.

Let a pro handle your blog content.

I have extensive experience managing inbound content strategy and creating blog posts that are informed, engaging and results-driven. I can take blogging off your plate so you can concentrate on the important stuff – running your business.

Start posting interesting, informed, readable content right now. I specialize in the following areas:

• Nonprofit/ social impact content writing

• Mental health/ wellness content writing

• Addiction recovery/ rehab content writing

• Travel content writing

Ready to take your business to the next level with captivating content?

Addiction Recovery & Rehab Copywriting

Addiction is a tricky topic. It’s complex, nuanced and highly sensitive. You want to convince your audience to do what’s best for them – get into treatment – but you don’t want to shame them or scare them off. After all, rehab is a big decision that requires a lot of research and a sizable investment.

Content marketing is all about psychological appeal – so how do you appeal to the mind of an addict or their loved one?

With copy that’s well-informed, readable and convincing – by a writer with industry experience.

I can create captivating:

• Web pages

• Blog posts

• Sales emails

• Lead nurturing campaigns

• Landing pages

• Informational guides

• Lead magnets

• Print ads

As content manager for a luxury mental health and addiction rehab, I handled every aspect of content for a high-end treatment provider with a global presence. When it comes to addiction, I’m intimately familiar with treatment, terminology, trends and taboos.

Want sophisticated, conversion-friendly addiction content?

Nonprofit & Social Business Copywriting

Nonprofits have a vital mission, but they often encounter barriers to fulfilling it. With limited time, staff and resources, essential tasks like finding money, getting the word out, staying in touch with your community and managing donor expectations to often end up getting pushed to the back burner.

Handing this off to someone who’s competent, experienced and dedicated to your marketing can be a huge advantage for your organization – and free you up to focus on the important stuff: your mission.

I can help – by creating clear, persuasive, on-message content like:

• Email fundraising campaigns

• Social media copy for awareness and engagement

• Web pages

• Blog posts

• Press releases

My educational and career background in community development includes hands-on involvement in a range of projects, such as:

• A grassroots anti-sex trafficking NGO in Thailand

• A worker-led immigrant and day laborer’s rights organization

• An oral histories project in a gentrifying Black community

• A nonprofit Latino housing counseling agency

Social impact is my passion, and I’d love to help your project succeed.

Let’s serve your community better by boosting your impact.

Travel Copywriting

In the age of increasing price transparency, decreasing customer loyalty and an insane amount of online competition, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd – in a way that doesn’t require you to undercut your competitors.

So, how do you do that? With targeted copy that appeals directly to your buyer demographics. Copy that stays away from the ever-abundant clichés and has a distinct voice that supports your unique brand identity.

Here’s where I can help you, by writing awesome content like:

• Google Adwords

• Facebook ads

• Blog posts

• Web pages

• Video scripts

• Listing descriptions

I’ve written for one-of-a-kind travel businesses such as:

• A nonprofit eco-lodge and elephant camp in Thailand

• An all-female, indigenous trekking and homestay company

• An international luxury camping site

And I can help yours, too!

I’ve lived abroad and traveled extensively for years. I know travelers’ wants, needs and pain points – because I am one.

Ready to give your travel business an edge?

Mental Health & Wellness Copywriting

You know it all too well: mental health concerns abound in epidemic proportions, yet widespread stigma means most sufferers don’t get the treatment they need. How can we change this?

By providing valuable information, raising awareness and promoting the benefits of treatment – specifically, the treatment you provide. By inspiring trust in people who might be on the fence about seeking help.

I can help you set yourself apart from other practitioners, invite people into treatment and retain your existing clients with motivating content like:

• Web pages

• Blog posts

• Google Adwords landing pages

• Sales and lead nurturing emails

• Client retention and referral-building emails

You help people live their best lives – and I can help you reach them. My experience in the mental health niche ranges from copywriting for solo practitioners to managing content for the largest, highest-end behavioral health treatment provider in Southeast Asia.

Ready to upgrade your online presence?

Who am I?

An impassioned community development practitioner; a writer; a creative; a dreamer; an achiever.

My career path includes roles as a content manager for a luxury rehab, a strategic advisor for a grassroots anti-sex trafficking project and a foreclosure prevention counselor at a nonprofit housing organization. All this led me to where I am today — ready to use my knowledge and experience to help other nonprofits and social businesses succeed.

Why am I a copywriter?

I believe copywriting is a powerful tool for giving voice to organizations, businesses, products and services that solve problems and contribute value to their communities. I get to work with projects I support and amplify them in a real and measurable way.

Ideas are more powerful when they’re delivered well. Your idea needs a presence in the world, and it deserves one that fully conveys its unique benefits and why people should engage with it. And that’s exactly what a skilled copywriter who knows your niche can do for you.

Want to see how copywriting can increase your impact?

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